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Thought Identification with fMRI: The new mind-reading
How physicists conceive of advanced concepts (Text Article)
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Mind Reading Technologies Are Coming
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The New Science of Thought Imaging
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How Your Brain Learns Physics
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Computer ESP
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Watch What You Think
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Reading Your Mind
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Mind Reading Is Now Possible
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A Computer That Can 'Read' Your Mind
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CMU computer program reads human mind
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Have we begun to crack the brain's code?
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Mind Reading: Another Step Closer
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Mind Reading
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Driving and Cell Phone Use
Car Calls May Leave Brain Short-Handed
The New York Times - 7/31/2001
Even Listening Is Dangerous
The New York Times - 5/11/2008
The Audio-Book Menace
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Multitasking drains brain
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Naughty drivers but 'nice' folks
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Shut Up, I'm Driving
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Cell phones drive them to distraction, brain imaging shows
The Philadelphia Enquirer - 3/6/2008
Cell use impairs drivers, CMU study says
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Cortical Underconnectivity studies of Autism
Focus Narrows in Search for Autism's Cause
The New York Times - 2/8/2005
Autism seen as problem of connections in brains
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 8/15/2004
Brain imagery may help explain autism
NBC Nightly News - 1/14/2005
Autistic Brains Out of Synch?
Science - 6/24/05
Changing the brain activation of poor readers - Dyslexia
Research on causes of dyslexia
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 8/18/2007
Poor readers are looked down on
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 6/3/2007
Dyslexic tells of his tortured childhood
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Part 1: Dyslexia begins when the wires don't meet
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Neuroarchitecture of Cognition -Computational modeling of cortical function
Connections found in brain
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Hjernen sætter hold efter opgaven
Ingeniøren - 4/11/2008
Brain Compensates For Damage After Stroke
Doctor's Guide - 4/20/1999
Hacking the Human CPU
Wired - 12/30/1997
Sentence Comprehension
Discovery Channel Canada - 11/03/1996